Course Goals 
50-Hour TESOL Course

The 50-hour TESOL certificate course is an introductory course designed for:

  • Candidates who wish to learn about the Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages field;
  • Candidates who wish to teach or work with ESL/EFL students in a local or overseas setting;
  • Candidates who are new to the teaching profession or have only recently begun teaching ESL or EFL;
  • Candidates who have practical teaching experience but little or no formal TESOL training; and
  • Candidates who wish to enhance their professional credentials.
 Course Learning Outcomes  

By the end of this course, the candidate will:

  • Demonstrate a general understanding of, and familiarity with, the world of teaching English to speakers of other languages including general terminology, key concepts, further training options and career opportunities;
  • Demonstrate a basic understanding of the principles and features of Communicative Language Teaching and its approach to teaching English to speakers of other languages;
  • Design effective student-centered lesson plans
50-Hour TESOL Course
 Course Outline and Content  
 Module 1: Introduction to TESOL and the Learning Context 

This module introduces the candidate to the field of TESOL and related concepts, teaching methods, and approaches, and it develops the candidate's ability to understand and analyze learners and the learning environment from the perspective of both a learner and a potential ESL/EFL teacher.

Unit 1: The World of TESOL
Unit 2: Overview of the English Language
Unit 3: L1 and L2 Learning Differences
Unit 4: Communicative Language Teaching
Unit 5: What Makes an Effective Teacher?
Unit 6: Language Learning
Unit 7: Learner Motivation
Unit 8: Learning Styles

 Module 2: Language Skills and Subskills 

This module develops the candidate's awareness and understanding of the intricacies of the English language by examining the language systems such as grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation. The candidate will be prepared to analyze specific aspects of language as well as describe these aspects using correct terminology. This module also introduces the candidate to the four basic language skills and key strategies and approaches to teaching these skills in a student-centered manner.

Unit 9: Teaching Pronunciation
Unit 10: Teaching Vocabulary
Unit 11: Teaching Grammar
Unit 12: Language Functions
Unit 13: Teaching Speaking
Unit 14: Teaching Writing
Unit 15: Teaching Listening
Unit 16: Teaching Reading

 Module 3: Lesson Planning, Materials, and Resources 

This module focuses on general lesson planning principles and, specifically, how to create, structure, sequence, and execute student-centered lesson plans. The candidate will also learn how to choose, adapt, and create appropriate materials and teaching aids for integrated use with the lesson.

Unit 17: Presentation Techniques
Unit 18: Practice and Production Activities
Unit 19: Planning the Lesson
Unit 20: Selection and Use of Classroom Texts
Unit 21: Selection and Use of Materials
Unit 22: Selection and Use of Teaching Aids

 Module 4: Classroom Techniques and Management 

This module exposes the candidate to the essential techniques needed to successfully execute lessons and manage students throughout the lesson. The candidate will learn specific correction techniques as well as when to provide learner feedback and effective correction. The candidate will also learn how to address critical classroom management issues such as resolving conflicts, grouping students, and developing strategies for teaching large, multilevel classes.

Unit 23: Using the Board
Unit 24: Eliciting and Concept Checking
Unit 25: Giving Instructions
Unit 26: Correction and Feedback
Unit 27: Classroom Dynamics
Unit 28: Managing the Classroom
Unit 29: Teaching Large, Multilevel Classes
Unit 30: Creating a Productive Classroom
Bonus Unit: TESOL Employment Opportunities

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