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Want to teach English overseas? Or maybe you just want to become a more effective ESL/EFL teacher. Whatever your English teaching need is, our 150-hour accredited online advanced Certificate of Educational Studies in TESOL will set you up for success teaching English either locally or overseas. The 150-hour course, which expands on learning material offered in our 100-hour online TESOL Certificate course, has a robust language analysis, grammar and phonetics component. While anyone can take this course, it is designed for those who have some teaching experience and little or no formal training; it is also designed for those with substantial teaching experience and looking to enhance their professional credentials.

150-Hour Online TESOL Certificate Course Overview and Methodology 

The LinguaEdge 150-hour online TESOL course blends theory with the nuts-and-bolts essentials of teaching English to learners around the world. Candidates will receive an overview of TESOL and the learning and teaching theories that inform the field; gain an in-depth knowledge of phonetics and phonology; learn to present and teach vocabulary in a student-centered manner; be able to analyze language and effectively present, explain, and teach grammar; learn effective teaching techniques; design engaging student-centered lesson plans; practice effective classroom management; and explore additional professional development and opportunities within the TESOL field.

The LinguaEdge 150-hour TESOL Certificate course has been designed with instructional methodology that is consistent with contemporary online training industry “best practices” and standards, as well as appropriate to the educational goals and objectives of the course.

Course learning material consists of a variety of forms of input to ensure that learning is engaging and motivating. Specifically, course content is full of practical examples, enhanced with visual displays, “interactivities”, and multi-media presentations. Likewise, exhibits, teaching realia, and video and audio clips expand further on the primary learning material. Video and audio in particular provide the candidate with alternate TESOL points of view from ESL/EFL students and teachers currently in the field.

150-Hour Online TESOL Certificate Course Content 
The LinguaEdge 150-hour TESOL Certificate course consists of 6 learning modules. Each module contains a series of units that focus on the module theme; there are 50 total learning units. Below are descriptions of each of the modules and the TESOL content areas they focus on:

Module 1: Introduction to TESOL and the Learning Context
This module introduces you to the field of TESOL and related concepts, teaching methods, and approaches, and it develops your ability to understand and analyze learners and the learning environment from the perspective of both a learner and a potential ESL/EFL teacher.

Module 2: The Language Systems
This module develops your awareness and understanding of the intricacies of the English language by examining the language systems such as grammar, vocabulary (lexis), pronunciation (phonetics and phonology), and language functions. You are prepared to analyze specific aspects of language as well as describe these aspects using correct terminology.

Module 3: The Language Skills
This module introduces you to the four language skills and both the theoretical and practical approaches to teaching these skills in an integrated fashion within the context of student-centered, CLT-grounded lessons.

Module 4: Lesson Planning, Materials and Resources
This module focuses on general lesson planning principles and, specifically, how to create, structure, sequence, and execute student-centered lesson plans. A standard lesson model is reviewed, the Present-Practice-Produce (PPP), as well as an alternative model, the Task-Based Leaning (TBL) model. You will also learn how to choose, adapt, and create appropriate materials and teaching aids for integrated use with the lesson.
Module 5: Classroom Techniques and Management
This module exposes you to the essential techniques needed to successfully execute lessons and manage students throughout the lesson. You will learn specific correction techniques as well as when to provide learner feedback and effective correction. You will learn how to address critical classroom management issues such as resolving conflicts, grouping students, and developing strategies for teaching large, multilevel classes.
Module 6: Evaluation and Professional Development
In this module, you will learn how to develop as a reflective ESL/EFL practitioner, both in terms of self-evaluation and through the process of evaluation conducted by others. In addition, this module provides a survey of professional organizations and publications as well as resources for researching, identifying, and preparing for an ESL/EFL teaching position. You will also learn about the different teaching contexts within the TESOL field, such as teaching young learners, teaching business English, and teaching one on one.
>>Click here for course syllabus (page opens in separate pop-up window)

>>Click here for detailed course overview, details, and requirements (page opens in separate pop-up window)

150-Hour Online TESOL Certificate Course Features 
  • Best 150-Hour Price: $349; Great Return on Investment!
  • Accredited by ACTDEC, the Accrediting Council for TESOL Distance Education Courses, as a Level 4 Course
  • Complete Your Course in 6-24 Weeks
  • Smooth Web-Based Course Delivery; No Clunky Downloading, E-Mailing or Snail-Mailing Materials Like Those "Other" Online Courses
  • Tutored by Experienced TESOL-Certified Instructors
  • Regular Assessment and Written Feedback from Course Tutor to Ensure Mastery of Material
  • Upon Successful Completion of Course, You'll Receive: TESOL Certificate and Letter of Reference

    LinguaEdge, LLC 
Phone: 888-944-EDGE  888-944-3343
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