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Want to teach English overseas? Or maybe you just want to become a more effective ESL/EFL teacher. Whatever your English teaching need is, our 100-hour TESOL Teaching Certificate Course is designed to meet it. This course, which is more robust than our 50-hour TESOL Teaching Certificate Course, is essential for anyone looking to start a career teaching English, and is practically mandatory for teaching English overseas. This course is also ideal for anyone currently teaching ESL or EFL and looking to enhance their teaching skills or credentials. If you're looking for a more robust credential, try our 150-hour TESOL Teaching Certificate Course.

100-Hour Online TESOL Certificate Course Overview and Methodology 

The LinguaEdge 100-Hour online TESOL Certificate Course blends theory with the nuts-and-bolts essentials of teaching English to learners around the world. Candidates will get an overview of TESOL and the theories that inform the field; analyze language and effectively present, explain, and teach grammar; learn effective teaching techniques; design engaging student-centered lesson plans; and practice effective classroom management strategies.

Interactive content will keep you engaged and learning actively. Colorful visuals, simulations, and state-of-the-art content ensure that your learning is both effective and "hands-on". Video clips enhance material and give insights from students and "best practice" approaches from experienced ESL/EFL instructors.

100-Hour Online TESOL Certificate Course Content  
The 100-Hour online TESOL Certificate Course is structured in eleven learning modules, each of which is organized around a specific TESOL theme. Each module, which builds off the previous learning modules, consists of four units of focused material. This structure makes sure that learning is both progressive and reinforced at every step of the way. Here are just some of the areas covered in the course:
  • English and the World of TESOL                                              
  • Teaching Methods and Approaches
  • Learner Styles and Strategies
  • Language Functions and Analysis
  • Classroom Techniques
  • Lesson Planning
  • Materials and Resources
  • Classroom Management
  • Professional Development

 >>Click here for detailed course overview and syllabus

>>Click here for detailed course overview, details, and requirements (page opens in separate pop-up window)

Who Can Take This Course? 
 Anyone who wishes to teach or work with ESL/EFL students in a local or overseas setting
 Anyone looking to start a career teaching English
 Anyone who has practical teaching experience, but little or no formal training
 Anyone who is new to the teaching profession, or those who have only recently begun teaching ESL or EFL
 Anyone who wishes to enhance their professional credentials
What Do Our Graduates Say? 

At the end of the course, students have a chance to tell us what they think about our TESOL Teaching Certificate Course. Below are comments from some of our recent course graduates:

“This is a great course! I have never taught before and want to travel overseas to teach. This course has given me the knowledge and the confident to do just that. I would recommend LinguaEdge to anyone that has an interest in teaching.” -D. Havard, USA

“Overall I really quite enjoyed this course; I can’t wait to have my own classroom where I can finally put all this knowledge to use and become an effective facilitator.” -K. Kingston, Australia

>>Click here to read more student testimonials
100-Hour Online TESOL Certificate Course Features  
 Best 100-Hour Price: $249; Great Return!
 Course Externally Accredited by ACCREDITAT
 Complete Your Course in 4-24 Weeks
 Smooth Web-Based Course Delivery; No Clunky Downloading, E-Mailing or Snail-Mailing Materials Like Those "Other" Online Courses
 Tutored by Experienced TESOL-Certified Instructors
 Regular Assessment and Written Feedback from Course Tutor to Ensure Mastery of Material
 Upon Successful Completion of Course, You'll Receive: TESOL Certificate and Letter of Reference

    LinguaEdge, LLC 
Phone: 888-944-EDGE  888-944-3343
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