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Online TESOL TEFL TESL Certificate

Want to teach English overseas? Need a TESOL (or TEFL/TESL) teaching certificate to fill out your teaching resume? Or maybe you just want to become a more effective ESL/EFL teacher. LinguaEdge has designed a series of online TESOL Teaching Certificate Courses to fit your learning needs.

As the courses are offered online, you can take our courses from anywhere in the world, start at any time, and work at your own pace.

Get TESOL Certified Online from Anywhere in the World 

Our Online TESOL Certificate Courses blend theory with the nuts-and-bolts essentials of teaching English to learners around the world. Candidates will get an overview of TESOL and the theories that inform the field; learn effective teaching techniques; design engaging student-centered lesson plans; and practice effective classroom management strategies. 

Our popular 50-hour online Express TESOL Teaching Certificate Course is a perfect starter course for those looking to break into the teaching field or wishing to enhance their skills or credentials. Our 100-Hour Online TESOL course is designed for those with little or no teaching experience and who need 100 hours to satisfy an international requirement. And we also offer a 150-Hour Online TESOL Course that is perfect for teachers who have some teaching experience and want to enhance their credentials, or for those looking to enter the field and who want a more enhanced certification to set them apart from other applicants.

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Engaging and Interactive Course Content 
online TEFL

All of our online TESOL Teaching Certificate courses have been designed with instructional methodology that is consistent with contemporary online training industry “best practices” and standards. Interactive material and regular assessments keep the candidate motivated and on track to meet course learning outcomes. Course learning material consists of a variety of forms of input to ensure that learning is engaging and reinforced every step of the way. Specifically, state-of-the-art course content is enhanced with visual displays, hands-on “interactivities”, and multi-media presentations. Likewise, exhibits, learning games, simulations and scenarios, teaching realia, and video and audio clips expand further on the primary learning material. Video and audio in particular provide the candidate with alternate TESOL points of view from ESL/EFL students and teachers currently in the field.

Trained TESOL Tutor Support 
TESOL online

Taking an online course shouldn't be a static, solitary experience. On the contrary: we've designed our course so that you get ample feedback at all stages, including extensive, personalized tutor feedback from our trained TESOL tutor staff. Feedback comes with detailed comments, suggestions, and leads on resources that will expand your knowledge of the material. No canned responses or tutor disappearing acts like you'll find in some of those "other" distance learning courses.

Our TESOL course tutors are practicing professionals who have been chosen for their ability, academic credentials, field experience, and, most importantly, for their passion and commitment to teaching and training future ESL/EFL teachers. 



TESOL Course Certification 

Upon successful completion of the course, graduates will receive their TESOL Teaching Certificate and a letter of reference summarizing course accomplishments.

Finally, your TESOL Teaching Certificate is sent to you via regular first-class mail as soon as you complete the course and is valid for life. After all, you earned it!

TEFL Certification
What Do Our Graduates Say? 

“I knew nothing of ESL teaching before entering, yet I now have the needed skills to teach overseas. This was definitely money well spent and I would recommend to anyone!" - A. Arthur, USA

“This is an excellent course for those who are currently teachers of who want to teach ESL/EFL. The [syllabus] covers all important points not only of teaching but also moulding and developing yourself as a teacher. I found the course really useful and would suggest it to anyone.” - A. Banerjee, Canada

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Online TESOL Certificate Course Features 
 Take from Anywhere in the World; 24/7 Course Access
 Comprehensive Syllabus: Everything You Need to Know to Teach ESL/EFL
 Great Prices, Great Return on Investment!
 You Set the Pace-Complete Your Course in 2-24 Weeks
 Interactive Learning Material Keeps You Engaged and Learning
 Tutored by Experienced TESOL-Certified Instructors
 Regular Assessment and Support from Your Course Tutor to Ensure Mastery of Material
 No Books or Other Materials Needed. Everything You Need Is in the Course!
 24-7 Tutor and Technical Support
 Upon Successful Completion of Course, You'll Receive: TESOL Teaching Certificate (valid for life), Employer Letter of Reference, and Teaching E-Portfolio
 Access to the Latest Job Feeds
 Enroll Now, Start Immediately!
Apply Now, Start Today! 
Academic Accreditations, Affiliations and Partnerships 

We are committed to ensuring that our online teacher training program meets the highest standards in distance learning. To this end, we have aligned ourselves with several external organizations dedicated to the advancement of higher standards in teaching and education, not only to uphold as external validation, but also to keep our learners apprised of the constantly evolving nature of online education and the ever-growing field of TESOL. Below are the primary groups and agencies by which we are accredited or to which we belong as institutional members:

LinguaEdge is an accredited member of the UK-based ACCREDITAT, which independently accredits TESOL course providers. Linguaedge's 50-hour and 100-hour TESOL Teaching Certificate courses have been accredited by ACCREDITAT. To obtain this accreditation, we submitted all aspects of our administration, curriculum, and courses in an extensive audit and review process conducted by experts in the field.

LinguaEdge is an accredited member of the UK-based Accreditation Council for TESOL Distance Education Courses (ACTDEC). ACTDEC is a non-profit professional organization established to advance online TESOL Certificate Courses. Linguaedge's 150-hour TESOL Teaching Certificate course has been accredited by ACTDEC as a Level 4 Certificate of Educational Studies in TESOL. To obtain this accreditation, we submitted all aspects of our administration, curriculum, and courses in an extensive application process conducted by experts in the field.

LinguaEdge is an accredited member of the International Association of Distance Learning (IADL), which promotes excellence in open, distance, and online learning worldwide, and provides a benchmark through which prospective students can gauge the quality of courses offered by an institute providing distance learning education. The IADL is an independent, non-profit organization based in the United Kingdom.

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