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Our mission is to provide high quality, pedagogically sound online training to learners around the world in a format that is convenient, flexible and affordable.

Our goal is to be the global online training program of choice for those looking to enhance their language skills or get TESOL-certified to teach English as a Second or Foreign language.

The success of our mission is measured by the consistent achievement of the following institutional objectives:
  • Offer effective and affordable student-centered online instruction and learning
  • Leverage the most current and effective technology for the effective delivery of online programs
  • Offer courses that meet the training needs of our learners and “real world” language and TESOL demands
  • Provide responsive, helpful and informed support to our learners and potential learners at all times
  • Employ qualified administrative and teaching staff committed to ensuring the success of our learners
  • Keep learners motivated and on-track to achieve learning goals
  • Ensure learner satisfaction with all courses
  • Exhibit  integrity, fairness, and professionalism in all operational aspects
  • Maintain a global worldview vis-a-vis our programs, services, students, faculty and educational partnerships and affiliations
  • Engage  in collaboration and cooperation with relevant business, industry, and other service providers in the online learning or language training field
  • Promote online learning as a viable mode of education delivery that can initiate positive educational change for learners the world over

    LinguaEdge, LLC 
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