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The LinguaEdge Community section of our web site is designed to foster interest in teaching English to speakers of other languages (TESOL). Past and present students of our TESOL Teaching Certificate courses can log in to the Teachers Lounge to scan the latest job feeds or to check out the always-expanding treasure chest of teacher resources. Candidates taking the LinguaEdge TESOL Teaching Practicum can log in here to access their practicum materials. And we invite anyone currently teaching English, or those interested in becoming an English teacher either locally or abroad, to check out our TESOL blog. The LinguaEdge TESOL blog is updated weekly and covers a range of theoretical and practical TESOL issues. 

 The Teachers Lounge 

Kick back and relax in the Teachers Lounge. We've harnessed all of the relevant TESOL information that's out there and put it in the Teachers Lounge. You'll find feeds for TESOL-related blogs, podcasts, and the latest TESOL job openings around the world. Click here to access the Teachers Lounge.

Who Can Access: Current students and graduates of LinguaEdge's TESOL Teaching Certificate Courses.

 TESOL Teaching Practicum 
TESOL Teaching Practicum Course

Who Can Access: Coming Soon

 The TESOL Blog 

Our TESOL blog taps into our TESOL course graduates' teaching experiences from all over the world. Topics range from the practical, such as learning activities and lesson planning ideas, to first-hand accounts of what it's like to live and teach abroad.

Who Can Access: Anyone

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