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We are committed to ensuring that our online training programs meet the highest standards in distance learning. To this end, we have aligned ourselves with several external organizations dedicated to the advancement of higher standards in teaching and education, not only to uphold as external validation, but also to keep our learners apprised of the constantly evolving nature of online education. Below are the primary groups and agencies to which we belong as accredited or institutional members.

LinguaEdge is an accredited member of the UK-based Accreditation Council for TESOL Distance Education Courses (ACTDEC). ACTDEC is a non-profit professional organization established to advance online TESOL Certificate Courses. Linguaedge's 150-hour TESOL Teaching Certificate course has been accredited by ACTDEC as a Level 4 Certificate of Educational Studies in TESOL.

LinguaEdge is an accredited member of the UK-based ACCREDITAT, which independently accredits TESOL course providers. Linguaedge's 50-hour and 100-hour TESOL Certificate courses have been accredited by ACCREDITAT.

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